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    3. 简体中文 | English
      Application field of products
      Technology Service
      Customers are the greatest fortune of Laya.
      Professional and enthusiastic service would enable customers to feel? comfortable and warm. Laya stands on the service principle with combination of specialty and agility so as to provide comprehensive services to customers by specially-assigned person following up.
      *We provide industry consultation services and specialized guidance.

      *We can act as agent or help our customers to apply various kinds of certificates of aerosol industry.

      *We can provide many kinds of certificates for customers' using.

      *In order to upgrade customers' serviceability, we can also provide a whole set of training, including quality control, aerosol filling, dangerous cargo storage and transportation ect.

      *Keep up-to-date with situation of product usage and new demand of customers,and provide the basis for continuous product improvement.

      *According to customers' new demand, we can provide solution from design, technique,production to marketing.

      *Always respect the advice of customers,whose formulas will be highly kept secret as well as ?improved as per the customers' or market request.

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