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      Laya Brand
      As a world leading aerosol brand operator, Laya has developed brands of Kingbo, Gui Li Yuan, Boost, Qi Li, Dong Cai that are the world famous brands in daily use products, industry products, car care products.

      Kingbo-the Insecticide expert
      Using WHO recommended insecticide, high-tech formula and advanced manufacturing technique, this product smells well, and is low toxic that do little harm to human’s health. Its fog drop is small and spread fast.

      Series of mosquito-repellent and electric machine of mosquito-repellent:
      This product uses the pure natural ingredient from plant, which has the features of good smell, strong killing performance, natural and low toxic. When using with mosquito-repellent electric machine, it can kill the mosquitoes quickly, with merits of high efficiency, safety, electricity saving, long lifetime, which is the best choice of killing insects.

      Series of mosquito repellent incense:
      Using advanced manufacturing technique, and according to the habits of mosquitoes, this product is designed to kill mosquitoes, flies and other insects quickly, which is no harm to human and animals. It can protect the health of you and your family, providing you a comfortable and healthy living environment.
      Gu Li Yuan – Natural fragrance expert
      Series of air freshener: Uses the natural mineral water as a solvent, contains no petroleum gas or organic solvent. It can cover, neutralizer and absorb the numerator of bad smell, and also can clear up the bad smell immediately.
      Qi Li – house beautifying expert
      Series of polish :
      This product is from European manufacturing standards, and pass the international SGS company approval.

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