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      Laya Brand

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      White Lithium Grease

      Product features:
      - This product is white grease containing Teflon additives, which has the merits of mecha...

      Anti S.patter Spray

      Product features:
      - For the release of weld spatter in MIG welding or on the work place to be welded part...

      Lubricant Spray

      Product features:
      - Using special formula, it can penetrate deeply for loose and lubricate the rust. It can...

      Dry film lubricant

      Product features:
      - This product is non-viscosity, and can form a molecule lubrication film. It has the adv...

      Silicon lubricant

      Product features:
      - This product can provide a layer of thin, durable, and odorless film, to provide lubrica...

      Butter Spray

      Product features:
      - This product is made with highly pure, highly efficient lubricated grease, having good w...

      Contact cleaner

      Product features:
      - It is a high pure and quick penetration formula, which can quickly dissolve the grease, ...

      Rosin welding flux cleaner

      Product features:
      - This product use high boiling point solvent, which has the strong dissolving power to th...

      Mould release agent Dry Based

      Product features:
      - Mainly used for cleaning the workpiece surface without any direct spray paint, hot stamp...

      Mould release agent Oil Based

      Product features:
      - It is suitable to use for large injected parts. Using little but can get more times of ...

      High speed dental turbine hand piece lubricant

      Product features:
      - This product specially used for lubricating dental hand piece, is made from food grade m...

      Glue cleaner

      Product features:
      - This product can quickly penetrate into the base of the glue residue, and dissolve the c...


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