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      Laya Brand

      Laya have a wide range of business area, whose products and service spread through every territory and all over the world. Laya always keep a very important idea that fully using imagination to create a better life to the global customers and consumers.
      Insect Control Category
      Household Cleansing Category
      Laya strives to build human amiable living environm -ent, keeps attention to the latest trend of global Alps market to ensure the leading role of our products in the industry for long. To adapt to different application environment, we provide diversified products such as oil based, water based and alcohol based products, used to kill various pests such as winged insects and reptiles etc. Diversified cleaning, maintenance and freshening pro -ducts can not only meet the demands of daily house cleaning for all corners, but more importantly, be able to build a more comfortable and easygoing family envi -ronment and keep improving people’s living quality. Our air fresheners made with advanced ingredients had been selected as the designated products for gov -ernment reception as early as in 1992.
      Decoration • Advertisement Auto Care Category
      Through long-term technical innovation and accu -mulation, Laya has successfully developed globalleading painting technology and provided domestic market with the new generation of benzene-free environmental friendly coatings in 2005. Coating on metals, chrome and zinc enjoys outstanding imitation. Attributing to our 20 years of experience in Car-care field and supported by the rapid development of Chine -se car industry in recent 10 years, Laya successfully serves cars’ after-sales service market. Our car care products are mainly aimed at car beautification and maintenance, and we have complete product lines for car beautification, repairing, metal plates spraying and etc.
      Industrial Category Personal Care Category
      For a long time, Laya’s industrial products have been highly commented by customers, and especially we enjoy exclusive advantages in industrial lubrication, cleaning antirusting industrial cutting and mold processing and etc.
      Laya is proficient in industrial equipment research, and is able to provide complete presales, sales and after-sales services.
      Diversified Laya personal care goods, made with precious formulas, are incorporated into modern hi-tech products from hair care to body lotion that are able to meet the demand of overall body cleaning and care, making you fresh and clean everyday.
      Beauty stars from the fresh image everyday. Laya products highlight you everyday.
      Festival Category Aerosol can
      In ceremonies, parties, festivals, the pleasant momen -ts of your life, diversified party strips are sprayed, like flying snow or flowers from the sky, and various patter -ns are sprayed on the glass, door or window, to highli -ght the happy air at that moment. Laya products, such as strips, snow spray and flower spray, highlight your festivals. To conform to users’ different demands, we are able to provide various neck-in cans, high-dome cans, irreg -ular shaped can cans as well as wide range of size options.

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