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      Laya Brand
      Brand push industry chain, industry chain pull brand group.
      As a world leading aerosol brand operator, Laya has developed brands of Kingbo, Gui Li Yuan, Boost, Qi Li, Dong Cai that are the world famous brands in daily use products, industry products, car care products. We have specialization of brand packaging, diffe -rentiation of brand marketing and customization of brand operation. Because of preci -se positioning, brilliant sight, first-class quality, excellent cost performance, strong m -arketing support and comprehensive brand service, every brand group of Laya produ -ct is popular throughout the would.
      The index of Laya brand business center is growing quickly and the market is expandi -ng every year, which give us an optimistic market prospect and competitive strength.
        Household product
        Insecticide aerosol: Using WHO recommended insectic -ide, high-tech formula and advanced manufacturing technique, this product smells well, and is low toxic that do little harm to human&rsquo;s health. Its fog drop is small and spread fast. This product is long acting and has strong killing performance to mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, which is the fist choice of green product
        Car care product
        Boost- high end car care expert.
      Boost is aimed at car care, combing many world-leading technologies. We provide the car enthusiasts with high end car care product with the best quality
        Industry product
        Qi Li- industry maintenance expert.
      In order to entertain different customers, we have developed 3 brands, including Shan Zhuan (high-end product), Shan Xuan (middle-end and utility-type), and Shan Liang (economic type). All of these formulas contain no toluene and low order, which meets the new ideas of healthy and environmental-friendly.

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